Your website is under attack

I’m not being dramatic here.  Your website is under attack constantly.  Last week we saw hackers take advantage of two separate customers and these exploited sites resulted in service outages for many of our clients. Just like millions of other websites around the world, hackers are scanning your site for ways in to manipulate your site’s […]

3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

There are three MUST-HAVE WordPress Plugins we highly recommend all our customers install and activate.  We are also happy to install them for you if you would prefer. They are:  OPcache Dashboard Our servers use a caching system to speed up your site and reduce server load. Installing this plugin allows updates by WordPress to better […]

Email from Steve Ensley

I got an email from my good friend and mentor, Steve Ensley, the other day. I worked with Steve for years at American Family Online.  Steve is one of those quiet, humble guys who doesn’t say a lot.  But when he does speak, it pays to listen. His email was a good reminder to me the […]

How to Identify (and remove) Comment Spam

We all want comments on our blogs.  It’s the interaction that makes for even better reading (most of the time).  But we don’t want comment spam.  Sometimes you get a comment that doesn’t quite fit — like a compliment out of the blue on an old post.  Yes, we are awesome. But why are you telling […]