How to Identify (and remove) Comment Spam

We all want comments on our blogs.  It’s the interaction that makes for even better reading (most of the time).  But we don’t want comment spam.  Sometimes you get a comment that doesn’t quite fit — like a compliment out of the blue on an old post.  Yes, we are awesome. But why are you telling […]

Redesign = Improved Page Performance

WOW! I knew a redesign of our web page was needed, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how a redesign instantly improved our page performance. So, I thought I’d post a couple of things you can do to improve your site’s visibility in google. Immediately after the redesign of this website, my Google page impressions went way up. […]

Screencast: How Do I Invite My Friends To Like My Facebook Page?

I was recently asked, “How can I invite my friends to like my Facebook Page? It’s really pretty simple and this screencast shows you how. If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.  I’d also love to hear what screencast you’d like to see next.

Some great free themes

I just updated my wife’s blog ( with one of the free themes from here. Great free themes for WordPress.

Why do you do what you do?

This is a great video from Simon Sinek, Author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action The video has many of the key principles in his book.  If you like the video, I recommend the book.  If you are like me, it will cause you to reconsider your current marketing and […]