Confession: “I hate (some) email.”

Years ago I followed a tip from Tim Ferriss’ book, the Four Hour Work Week, that gave me 10 hours of my life back. Every week. The tip? Check email only twice a day. If you are not doing it, I recommend it.

Tim (and others) had sold me on the evils of email and I really thought I hated email. I say thought, because that little project convinced me that email was evil.  But.. I now think differently.

I’ll save you the whole long story, but as I’ve tweaked and played with different productivity tips and trying to master that beast that is my inbox. I’ve realized email is not evil.  It’s unwanted or unnecessary email that’s evil.  Which brings me to my question and where I really need your help.

The more I study about growing and maintaining a successful business, the more I see an email newsletter is a critical part of that. And, if I can confess a little more, I’ve done a horrible job with my own newsletter. So horribly in fact, that I feel the need to start over. Which brings me to this question. What would make my email to you not evil?

Here are a things that interest me. Let me know in the comments which two interest you most.

  • Productivity Tips
  • WordPress Tips
  • Web Design Tips
  • Small Business Tips
  • Cat Videos
  • App or software reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • ________________ (you tell me.)

Okay, I’m not doing the cat videos — even if that does win. 🙂

Thank for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for your input. I really do appreciate it.




  • mikecorley

    Id never consider an email from you Ron as evil. 🙂 I agree with everything you shared here. I fight the same battle.

    • Thanks Mike. What 2 topics interest you most? Besides cats I mean. 🙂

      • mikecorley

        I would say productivity and web design.

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    I would like to get your newsletter/tips! BTW, I like email and prefer it to most other means of communication because it is faster and more convenient (and less intrusive) than a phone call, for example.

    • Okay – thanks Cheryl! I’ll try not to call so much. Ha ha. 🙂

  • TonySneskoIdahoOpenCarry

    I’m up for Word Press tips and book reviews if they are Christian related or inspirational true life stories.

    • What about business books that may or may not be Christian, Tony? For example, right now I’m reading “Launch” from Jeff Walker. That’s what has my mind thinking about mailing lists.

  • Hoyt Whittington

    I would like emails on all topics except WordPress

    • I’ll woo you from the dark side eventually, Hoyt. 🙂

      • Hoyt Whittington

        Blue pill or Red pill… It’s your choice…

  • Kathleen Benfield

    Hi Ron, I enjoy reading tech articles and never consider email from you as boring or unwanted. I really enjoy discovering bargains in the tech world such as great deals on apps, software and equipment. I would be interested in productivity tips and I am just learning WordPress so more info on that would be good.

    I check email and text messages Waaaayyyy to often. They are my major means of communication with clients, family and friends. I know I need to cut back but just can’t seem to break the habit.

    Optimus Media has been a blessing to me. I always recommend you for web hosting. Besides being a business with a Christian ethic, Optimus Media is reliable and accessible when problems occur.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kathleen. You’re awesome too!

      Re: Email. Batching has been huge for me. I wander back to checking it more than twice a day.. and when I do, my productivity always (not sometimes) takes a hit. It really is like an addiction sometimes.

  • Brandon Battle

    Everything but small business tips 🙂 even the cat videos 🙂

    • Most small biz stuff I see also has stuff that a ministry could apply too. If you’re like me you’ve seen ministries try and use marketing “tricks.” I’m not a fan of that — or anytime the church tries to look more like the world. But almost all the business leaders I follow are also Christ followers as well.

      • Brandon Battle

        Well you can put me in on that one too

      • Brandon Battle

        If you think any of it might benefit us that would be no problem

  • Michelle Harpole

    Your email newsletters are never evil! I enjoy reading them! I guess the two topics that would interest me more than others would be the productivity tips (always need those!) and WordPress since I’m trying to beef up my knowledge of that.

    • I think a lot of us are trying to beef up on wordpress knowledge. I’m also trying to beef up on beef. I just had a delicious burger straight from the grill. So.. that was the inspiration for that pun… and it’s late.

  • Hey Ron,

    Thank you for the value you bring to our industry. I am always open to great content on Productivity Tips and Small Business Tips.

    • Thanks Charlie. And thanks everyone for the kind words.

  • I don’t think emails are evil — just too much of a mostly good thing every day! Since you’re not doing cat videos, then I vote for Productivity Tips and WordPress Tips.

    • LOL – Too much of a good thing. Like the blueberry pie I had this weekend?

      • No, no blueberry pie is ALWAYS a good thing, not “mostly” a good thing!

  • Mr. Nick

    Ron, m’good man! Like others, I value your e-mailed messages. The problem at this end is that they’re buried in the flurry of others from other senders daily. The best info you provide, I believe, is your app or software reviews and web design tips. But here’s the clincher–graphics carry your message that “Optimus Media is alive and well” best. As unnecessary and unproductive as they might seem–especially pics of people–graphics touch the arty and emotional side of us. Whoever said “a picture is worth a thousand words” wasn’t kidding. So I always put some peop-pics in my weekly messages to WE KIDS listeners: If nothing else, it’d be heart-warming to see pics of your growing fam. Keep shining for Him!

    • Okay Ken 🙂 Here are those (not-so) little guys from Camp Ridgecrest this year.

      • Mr. Nick

        Wow! See what I mean? Just repeat monthly until John-Garrett graduates. And you have the eyes of most of your e-mailed friends. Blessings!

    • Let’s try that again. 🙂

  • Ed Holliday

    Hi Ron, I do not look at e-mails as evil in themselves, but I do leave many unopened (not yours) because between my wife and I we get a daily flood. Therefore I like to look at ones that I will learn from. So for me I would like to know about new apps and WordPress tips. I appreciate your efforts in staying on the cutting edge in this fast changing industry, and thank you for all your timely and incredible help.

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