Years ago I followed a tip from Tim Ferriss’ book, the Four Hour Work Week, that gave me 10 hours of my life back. Every week. The tip? Check email only twice a day. If you are not doing it, I recommend it.

Tim (and others) had sold me on the evils of email and I really thought I hated email. I say thought, because that little project convinced me that email was evil.  But.. I now think differently.

I’ll save you the whole long story, but as I’ve tweaked and played with different productivity tips and trying to master that beast that is my inbox. I’ve realized email is not evil.  It’s unwanted or unnecessary email that’s evil.  Which brings me to my question and where I really need your help.

The more I study about growing and maintaining a successful business, the more I see an email newsletter is a critical part of that. And, if I can confess a little more, I’ve done a horrible job with my own newsletter. So horribly in fact, that I feel the need to start over. Which brings me to this question. What would make my email to you not evil?

Here are a things that interest me. Let me know in the comments which two interest you most.

  • Productivity Tips
  • WordPress Tips
  • Web Design Tips
  • Small Business Tips
  • Cat Videos
  • App or software reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • ________________ (you tell me.)

Okay, I’m not doing the cat videos — even if that does win. 🙂

Thank for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for your input. I really do appreciate it.




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