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Let us know if you see any residual issues.
Our shared server is under attack again. We are working to stop the attack now.
The server is back online but we are suspending all accounts to check before making live.
All wordpress users should look for a username changed. If it has changed, please contact me asap.
All shared servers are currently suspended while we investigate. If you see that message, don't worry, we'll get you back up soon.
Several sites were compromised today on our server though an outdated Wordpress plugin. It is critical that sites regularly update their plugins. Failure to maintain your plugins in the future will result in shutdown or repair costs.
Good morning. If your site remains suspended, it is infected with malware. Please contact us at https://optimusmedia.com/contact-us for instructions. We will also be reaching out to everyone today with an update via our email list and blog post.
Even if your site was not attacked, it's good to run a scan and make sure with Wordfence
We've made a couple updates to our last post based on customers questions. Thanks everyone for the feedback and prayers.
Updates included links to the plugins I recommended as well a reminder to change all account passwords. You should do this periodically anyway. If you don't have a great password safe, I use the FREE https://bitwarden.com. It has a Chrome and Firefox extension that will remember and sync all your passwords for you. That way you can have unique passwords on every site.
You know how it's confusing to pay your invoices with that PayPal gateway? We do to. That and their anti-christian bias has led us to finally leave to a new payment gateway. Now paying your invoices is easier than ever! (Yes, you can still use PayPal if you want, they just are not our primary gateway.)
You can now use #BITCOIN to pay for Optimus Media services.
Congratulations DON ROBERTS! You won this month's free domain name (or renewal) just for following us on Telegram!
We are investigating a high server load at the moment. Please stand by.
Server is back online but a little sluggish while we try and shutdown the cause of the attack.
All is back to normal. Please check your site for any residual issues that may remain.