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Go daddy cancelled Texas Right to Life's hosting.
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Facebook won’t respond to accusations it “asked fact-checking partners to retroactively change their findings”
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Stop feeding Facebook.
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NEW - Zuckerberg approved "Project Amplify," an initiative to use the "News Feed, the site’s most important digital real estate, to show people positive stories about the social network.”

What other opinions does the "social network" shape?


Ninja Forms Vulnerabilities Affect Over 1 Million Sites

Minutes ago the Wordfence Threat Intelligence Team published details of two vulnerabilities in Ninja Forms that affect over 1 million websites. These flaws make it possible for an attacker to export sensitive information and send arbitrary emails from a vulnerable site that could be used to phish unsuspecting users.

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Mexico’s rapid surveillance expansion is a wake up call for the rest of the world
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ICYMI: Apple threatened to BAN Facebook & Instagram from AppStore after SLAVE MARKET uncovered on platforms - the WSJ revealed

Facebook apparently took limited action to strike down posts featuring human trafficking until Apple issued a threat to ban the company from its App Store, the WSJ reported.

Hashtags in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait featured adverts for the illegal buying and selling of domestic slaves against their will for just a few thousand dollars, the BBC reported in 2019.

The threat from Apple however was only recently uncovered in internal Facebook documents seen by the WSJ. Those documents also allegedly show that Facebook knew about the human trafficking rings on its apps since even before the BBC report.

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