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Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
Parler says in a legal filing that a representative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) had “repeatedly asked whether the President had joined or would join Parler now that he was blocked by Twitter and Facebook.”

In a lawsuit filed against Amazon on Monday, Parler says that the tech giant was “motivated by political animus,” and violated antitrust law when it booted the social media platform from its web hosting service.

Forwarded from Disclose.tv
A lobbyist group is suing Apple in an effort to get free speech messaging platform #Telegram removed from the app store, claiming that it allows "extremists" to spread "hate speech".

The lobby group "The Coalition for a Safer Web" has called for it to be completely deleted from big tech app stores.

In particular, the group has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that it has failed to hold Telegram accountable for violating its terms of service.

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I will not be joining #MeWe
Forwarded from James O'Keefe
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“We're going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification(shadowbanning).” - Vijaya Gadde

Forwarded from Durov's Channel
For the last two weeks, the world has been following the events in the United States with concern. While the US represents less than 2% of our user base, we at Telegram have also been watching the situation closely.

Telegram welcomes peaceful debate and protest, but our Terms of Service explicitly prohibit distributing public calls to violence. In the last 7 years, we’ve consistently enforced this rule globally, from Belarus and Iran to Thailand and Hong Kong. Сivil movements all over the world rely on Telegram in order to stand up for human rights without resorting to inflicting harm.

In early January, the Telegram moderation team started to receive an increased number of reports about US-related public activity on our platform. The team acted decisively by clamping down on US channels that advocated violence.

Thanks to these efforts, last week our moderators blocked and shut down hundreds of public calls for violence that could’ve otherwise reached tens of thousands of subscribers. The team continues to process reports from users in addition to proactively removing content that directly incites violence.

I would like to thank everyone who reported public channels that crossed the line. Keep it up! We value each of your reports. Telegram welcomes political debate coming from all sides of the political spectrum – but will act swiftly to stop those who incite people to inflict harm on others.
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
JUST IN - Gab.com is offline. Here is an update for all wondering. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat
Forwarded from AFA of PA
The Washington Post reports that a Washington nonprofit group called the Coalition for a Safer Web has sued tech giant Apple in federal court. The lawsuit, filed on Sunday, demands that the chat and social media app Telegram be removed from Apple’s App Store for failing to crack down on extremist conversation on its platform following protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.
The suit is an attempt to force Apple to act against Telegram as it has against Parler, a social media website that was removed from the Apple and Google Play app stores.
Forwarded from The Trumpist
🔰 JUST IN - Twitter has locked out the account of the Right Side Broadcasting Network without any explanation. via (RSBN Telegram Channel)

Forwarded from Mark Dice
Facebook took down a post of mine today and issued another strike on my page for simply saying “Censoring Trump supporters isn’t changing our minds. It’s just confirming our suspicions.” 😆