Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year! As the new year rolls around, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the past year and setting new goals for ourselves. One common way we do this is through making New Year’s resolutions. However, research has shown that a majority of people who make New Year’s resolutions end up breaking them within a few months. So, if resolutions aren’t the best way to achieve our goals, what is?

An effective alternative

One effective alternative is creating systems for your goals. Instead of making a single resolution, a system is a set of habits and routines that support and enable you to achieve your goals. These habits and routines become part of your daily life, making it easier to stay on track and make progress toward your goals.

The importance of small, incremental changes

One key aspect of creating a system is to focus on small, incremental changes. Rather than trying to overhaul your entire life or make a single, drastic change, focus on making small improvements each day. This makes it easier to stick to your system and see progress over time.

Setting specific and measurable goals

Another important aspect of creating a system is to make it specific and measurable. Rather than setting a vague goal like “lose weight,” set a specific goal like “lose one pound per week” and track your progress with a weight loss tracker or by weighing yourself regularly. This will help you stay motivated and see the progress you are making.

Accountability makes the difference

In addition to setting specific and measurable goals, it is also important to have accountability. This could mean finding an accountability partner, joining a support group, or hiring a coach. Having someone to check in with and share your progress with can help you stay on track and stay motivated.

The benefits of working with a coach

Overall, creating systems for your goals is a more effective way to achieve them than making New Year’s resolutions. By focusing on small, incremental changes, setting specific and measurable goals, and having accountability, you can create habits and routines that will help you achieve your goals and make lasting changes. Ron Shank, the owner of Optimus Media, is also a certified coach who specialized in helping people create systems for their goals and providing the accountability needed to reach them faster. With his help, you can create habits and routines that support your goals and make it easier to stay on track.

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