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I’ve had 2 conversations – just this week – about people guest blogging here at Optimus Media.  Both had great-looking sites and I found what both were doing to be very interesting.  I thought, why not share some of that with you? So, I’m going to allow guest bloggers from time to time.  Watch for that in the days and weeks ahead here.

Guest bloggers wanted

Yes, if you are interested in blogging on this website, contact me. I’d love to talk about it.

Why would you want someone to guest blog?

There are several reasons why someone might want to have a guest blogger on their website.

First, having guest bloggers can provide fresh perspectives and new ideas for the website.

Second, it can help to expand the reach of the website by bringing in new readers who are interested in the guest blogger’s work.

Third, it can help to establish relationships with other bloggers and websites in the same niche.

And fourth, it can save time for the website owner and can also be a way to generate content when the website owner has limited time or resources.

Why should I guest blog on Optimus Media?

There are multiple benefits to guest blogging on a website like Optimus Media’s, catering to Christians, small businesses, churches, and those in need of personal customer service and technology assistance.

First, guest blogging on a website that specializes in serving Christian businesses and churches can help to reach a specific audience that aligns with the guest blogger’s values and message.

Second, the website’s focus on small businesses and personal customer service can provide an opportunity to connect with and offer valuable insights to a community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Third, guest blogging on a website that provides web design and web hosting services can help to establish the guest blogger as an authority in their field and expand their reach among those interested in technology.

And fourth, it can also be an opportunity to collaborate and build a relationship with a reputable web design and web hosting business and be seen as an affiliate of that business.

If you are wondering why you would help provide content for someone else’s site when it’s hard enough to keep fresh content on your own, take a look at these articles:


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