Server Upgrades Complete

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We have completed our hardware and software upgrades this weekend. All data and email has been transferred successfully and all systems are performing great. In other words, you should see your website load noticeably faster.

A server migration of this size invariably has a few issues. Here are some you may be experiencing and how to handle them. 

“Error establishing a database connection” screen
This was an unforeseen issue for us. Many database passwords were weak or set with an old encryption method and were automatically reset prior to migration. This resulted in broken websites. We manually reset and fixed every error we could find, but if you are still getting this error, we missed yours or were unable to find your site’s configuration file. Contact us and we can issue you a new password by phone, text or if you’ll let us know the location of the configuration file, we will repair it for you. 

Can’t access Cpanel
Old and weak Cpanel passwords were also not transferred and were automatically reset. Contact us to have a new password issued. 

Site Suspended Warning
We duplicated all data to the new server and then after enough time had elapsed for the rerouting to take effect we suspended all data on the old server. If you are seeing this warning, you first need to reboot your computer. Your browser may have routed to the old server. If you still see it. Reboot your router and try again. If you still do not see your site, your domain registrar may have outdated information. Contact us so we can give you the updated information for your site.  

Missing Email 
Because we were aiming for zero downtime, you actually had two websites up at one time. Someone may have sent you an email at the perfect moment and it may have sent it to the old server. If you think this is the case, contact us and we will be glad to give you webmail access to your account on the old server. Old server data will be available until Jan 13th, 2017. 

I’m missing files. 
It’s possible some files didn’t transfer over. If you think you are missing something, please let us know immediately.  

My Joomla site is not working
Old versions of Joomla are not compatible with current software. Please contact us for a quote on upgrading or converting to WordPress. 

Why do I have a red logo next to my domain name or bookmark?
 If you see a logo like this next to your domain name. It’s a default logo for your “favicon.”
 Favicons may be created here and uploaded to your web site’s root directory (/public_html) folder to replace this file. 

Hopefully, most of you didn’t even notice the move. That was our goal.   However, if you are seeing any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

We hope you enjoy the new and improved performance this will give your website. 


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