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I’m not being dramatic here.  Your website is under attack constantly.  Last week we saw hackers take advantage of two separate customers and these exploited sites resulted in service outages for many of our clients.

Just like millions of other websites around the world, hackers are scanning your site for ways in to manipulate your site’s visitors, send spam, and generally cause trouble for your customers, followers, and friends. 

Websites are now primarily software driven, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in website software features, which is why your website regular releases updates and security patches to stay safe. In fact, the majority of server outages globally and those hosted by Optimus Media are the result of good customers who neglect to keep a careful eye on their plugins and WordPress installations and updating then when newer versions become available. This was the root cause of a series of outages last week for our shared hosting clients.  

Changes to our service. 

We have made some changes to adjust for this to offer the best possible service and maintain network integrity. Here are your three options:

  1. Do it yourself.
    Log in each day and check for updates to your content management system, like WordPress. Do not forget plugins. WordPress will auto-update minor updates if you allow it to, but will not auto update plugins and major releases. Be sure and backup your database from Cpanel before you do, just in case there is an issue or conflict. Updates typically take less than 30 seconds to do. Our recommended WordPress plugins are here.
  2. Hire us.
    Sign up for our service plan. If you just don’t have time to check or if it’s just something you want us to do for you. We can put you on a regular maintenance plan for as low as 5.00 a month.  We will then login weekly and provide any updates as necessary.
  3. Ignore the issue.
    This is not an option for us. In the past, we have allowed you to update your own software, but it’s now to the point that if you do not update software running on our servers we will update that software for you and invoice you based on our hourly rates for this service.

What doesn’t kill you… 

Last week’s attacks taught us a few things and as a result, the server is running better than ever and we have implemented new external monitoring systems. Our system was previously monitored internally.  Recent attacks happened so quickly they overwhelmed the monitor’s notification function. Now if an outage does occur we can return service even faster.

We are confident this will result in greater uptime and better service for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Have a great day!

Ron Shank


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