Twitter Mass Unfollow Experiment: Day 2

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Yesterday, I wrote about how to unfollow everyone on a twitter account. If you haven’t read that, it might be helpful to read that first. 

Here’s my Twitter Mass Unfollow Experiment: Day 2

How Many Stopped Following You Back? 

The drop off rate wasn’t too bad. I lost about 225 followers overnight. I expect that number to keep dropping for a week or more. 

Glitches and Fighting the Twitter Bots

I lost the ability to refollow anyone for a couple of hours. But am now only following a couple dozen accounts. And I’ll be very selective about who I add back. At least on this account. 

Final Thoughts? 

As of this post, I didn’t see any harm in doing this Twitter house cleaning. Just know, you can’t refollow anyone for a couple of hours. At least that was my experience here and at @ronshank (my personal account).  

I Don’t Care About the Numbers

I’ve said that before, but it’s worth repeating.  I’m now more interested in providing quality content now and couldn’t care less about numbers. And that makes for a better Twitter experience for all my remaining followers. At least the ones that are not Russian bots. 😉

What Are Your Thoughts? 

Are you thinking about doing something similar?  Did you do it already? Or do you have questions or disagreements with any of this?  I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below. 

I’ll follow-up in a week or two or sooner if something comes up worth mentioning. 


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